Our History

Serving the Lawn & Garden industry for 40+ years.

A Company Built From The Ground Up

DeWitt Garden & Landscaping Center in the 70’s

Larry DeWitt started his own landscaping business in Sikeston, Missouri, soon after earning degrees in horticulture and landscape design. In 1977, he was looking for a material to stop weeds and increase plant growth—without chemicals. But during those days, black plastic was a landscaper’s only option. From hands-on experience, Larry knew that while plastic stops weeds, it also blocks out moisture and air. This combination often resulted in plant disease, fungus and rot.

Larry set out to create a better alternative. He experimented with textiles and materials until he finally hit pay dirt. He discovered that woven polypropylene did everything he wanted. His new “landscape fabric,” later dubbed DeWitt’s Weed Barrier, would change the professional landscaping industry.

DeWitt Garden & Landscaping Center in the 80’s

Landscaping pros quickly realized what an outstanding product DeWitt’s Weed Barrier was. It halted weed growth and promoted tremendous plant growth. The industry couldn’t get enough.

Today, DeWitt products are used in more than 70 percent of the commercial landscaping jobs through out the United States. This makes DeWitt Company the No. 1 choice of landscape professionals.

We’ve made a serious commitment to the lawn and garden industry by introducing new products, improving existing products and developing innovative merchandising solutions. Keep reading to learn more about our nonstop efforts to be your first-choice supplier.

DeWitt Company Today

Meredith DeWitt
Vice President

“The future of the lawn, landscape and garden industries is beaming with opportunities to grow, learn and evolve. For 30 years, I have watched my family build a company from the ground up, focused on quality products, exceptional customer service and dependable fulfillment. Now is the time to continue to design and create products using state-of-the-art research and development, innovative marketing strategies and widespread distribution throughout the industry. We strive to find environmentally friendly solutions for everyday applications, while continuing to offer the products that you can use and service you can rely on from a company you can trust.”

What You Can Expect Today

Customer service is a priority and DeWitt employees are fully committed to servicing their customers in the quickest, most efficient and problem-free manner possible. DeWitt’s reputation for service shows the pride that is taken in every aspect of the job. As Larry DeWitt states, “Customer satisfaction is the judge of our efforts. We strive to make zero errors in every facet of the ordering, manufacturing, delivery and billing process.” DeWitt Company continues to lead the competition in the quality and performance of its landscaping and garden products. Efficiency allows the company to keep its pricing as low as possible. Products are made for long term use and are environmentally safe. For your lawn or garden, DeWitt Company has the best products for the best value.