We are DeWitt. No chemicals then or now.

Since the Beginning...

In the early 1970's, Larry DeWitt saw a need for non-chemical, environmentally sound form of weed control that would assist homeowners and professionals in creating low-maintenance landscapes. Today the company is still 100% committed to keeping all DeWitt products chemical free. We strive to support and protect the environment while also supporting and protecting our own in the lawn and garden industry.

Larry DeWitt
Founder & CEO

“ During the beginning of my career in the landscaping business, we were using black plastic for weed control, and I saw first-hand the effects of suffocated soil. I saw a need to have sustainable soil in order to grow healthy plants. Never being satisfied with the “norm” I turned this problem into an opportunity by producing the first ever permeable landscape fabric. This landscape fabric allowed air, water and nutrients to pass through and my clients didn’t need to use chemicals to eliminate weeds..... Hence, the birth of the DeWitt Company. ”

Conserves Water by Design

conserves water logo
Continued Commitment

Not only do we keep chemicals out of our products, but we also have committed to conserving water. Many of our products have been designed to do just this. They conserve water by design!