DeWitt Pond Underliner (8 OZ)

DeWitt Pond Underliner (8 OZ)
DeWitt Pond Underliner is a durable, clean, and safe material to install under ponds instead of using cardboard, newspapers, sand or old carpet padding. DeWitt Pond Underliners are constructed of nonwoven needle punched fabrics in various weights. Use of this material under your liner will help protect the inner wall from punctures from stones and cushion the pond wall for fish, while allowing gases to escape to maintain the proper biological balance for all pond life. It is easy to use, and installs in minutes.
Item# Description UPC SCC WT CI PK PK/CS
PU8.0-7.5300 7.5' X 300' BULK 042579817580 131 26010 1
PU8.O-15300 15' X 300' BULK 042579817597 260 52020 1